Improve Your Home's Curb Appeal Affordably

By: Coldwell Banker Four Seasons

Improve Your Home's Curb Appeal Affordably

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We all know that to sell your home you need to clean the inside of your home, but we tend to neglect the outside. Improving your home's curb appeal is a great way to increase its value and attract potential buyers. Here are some affordable projects you can do to enhance the exterior of your home.

Lawn Maintenance
Keep your lawn looking neat and tidy by mowing it regularly, pulling weeds, raking leaves, and removing any debris. Make sure you only remove one-third of the grass blade when mowing to keep your lawn healthy.

 Wash off Dirt
Use a garden hose to blast dirt and debris off sidewalks, driveways, and the exterior of your house. Giving the outside of your home a thorough scrubbing can make a huge difference in its appearance.

 Remove Window Grime
Spray down your windows with a garden hose and use a squeegee or a rag to wipe them down. Avoid letting the windows air dry, as this can leave streaks. Don't forget to wash your screens as well.

 Update Light Fixtures
Instead of replacing outdated or faded exterior light fixtures, spray-paint them, to give them an updated look. Be sure to turn off the breaker inside the electrical panel if you need to remove the fixture.

Make Your Door Pop
Add a fresh coat of paint to your front door, place potted plants on your porch, upgrade your house numbers, or add a wreath to your door. These simple changes can modernize the appearance of your entranceway and add some personality to your home.

Improving your home's curb appeal doesn't have to be time-consuming or expensive. By prioritizing these affordable projects and putting in a little effort, you can amaze yourself and potential buyers with the beautiful exterior of your home.