6 Helpful Tips to Downsizing

By: Coldwell Banker Four Seasons

6 Helpful Tips to Downsizing

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6 Helpful Tips to DOWNSIZING
Are you thinking of downsizing? It can be a difficult and stressful endeavor, creating a new living space with a lot less room for your existing belongings. Having a plan in place before you downsize can minimize your challenge.
Here a 6 tips to help you move in and fill your new, smaller place, so you can live comfortably.
Step 1 - Start Early

Step 2 - Start Small and Work Your Way Up  
Step 3 - Keep Clutter Out
This is the most important tip  
Step 4 - Avoid “Maybe” Piles  
Step 5 - Get an Objective Opinion  
Step 6 - Find Purpose

"Be conscious of what you let into your mind, life and environment, and how you choose to spend your time and resources moving forward. This is the secret to feeling whole and living well."
Mary Dykstra, CPO, president elect for National Association of Professional Organizers and owner of Within Reach Organizing Services.
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